About Dronesifter

Hey! Jonathan & Ben here, thanks for checking out Dronesifter. We made the site out of a desire to make it easier for beginners to find decent drones. There's so many drones available, many of them badly made or unreliable, that it's a minefield unless you know what you're looking for. We found it hard ourselves and were surprised that whilst there is a lot of detailed information about specific drones, it's not easy just to compare drones across all manufacturers, in one place.

Dronesifter attempts to solve that by providing a "one-pager" of all the top drones out there, along with a breakdown of key features and capabilities. You can then filter based on your planned usage and price range and easily view more information and reviews, all in one place.

This site is by no means an exhaustive list but we're planning to continue to add to it with all the latest drones. We're also keen to add more capabilities for easy drone comparison, so watch this space.

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This means if you follow one of our check the latest price links and make a purchase, we do earn a tiny commission which goes towards maintaining this site. We try to provide links to the most competitive sites but feel free to search around yourself for the best deals!

If you have any feedback, drone suggestions or just want to say hi, you can get hold of us via [email protected]