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Best drones for kids in 2019

Why Drones Make a Great Gift for Kids:

Drone technology has found its way into all sorts of industries. Including plenty of options for the enthusiast who just want to have some fun. The technology, design, and flight control all make for a fantastic experience.

It’s no surprise then that companies are coming out with options for younger children. These kid-friendly options are a great way to teach a younger generation about a new important technology. Plus, building some experience with drones now has real application in the future. The world expects to see thousands of drone related jobs come up in the following years. Including drone pilots!

If you want to give a more meaningful and fun gift to a child you know, a beginner drone is a great place to start.

Features of Toy Drones for kids:

Before we get into some recommendations, let us start off by covering some import factors when looking for the right drone.

First, many of the drones designed for new pilots and kids have automatic flight control. This feature allows the drone to handle some of the difficult aspects of flying. Giving the pilot a chance to learn with less risk of crashing. Types of automatic control include maintaining minimum altitude, returning to the controller autonomously, and automatic orientation.

Also, many toy drones have readily available spare parts. There is a good chance you will encounter a few mishaps during the learning process. A blade guard or propeller can break in these cases. While unfortunate, damaged parts do provide an enthusiastic pilot with a chance to learn how to repair their drone. The process isn’t too difficult, and is another way to teach important skills. Plus, you won’t have to worry about replacing the whole drone.

Finally, a lot of drones have cameras built in. Along with smartphone integration, you can get some pretty amazing video. Just about anyone can try their hand at videography now. Even the youngest of enthusiasts. Drones with cameras can cost a bit more than other models, especially if you want a decent quality. But for many people, the feature is well worth it.

Safety Considerations when flying drones:

There are a few things you should know about drone safety and legal operation.

First, be wary of strong winds. When learning to fly, windy conditions can cause a lot of issues. A drone can easily fly off course in the hands of an inexperienced pilot. Wind will only make things worse. For learning and safety purposes, it is best to avoid any wind. At least until you become more experienced.

Also, pay attention to the weight of the drone. Local law will dictate the specific rules and requirements for drone flight. In general, most drones around 250g (little over half a pound) must be registered. The owner will need to be of a certain age (over 13), and often only the registered owner may operate the drone.

Most drones for kids are under the weight requirement of registration. However, if you do want something larger the registration process is not that difficult.

Another important feature is the emergency shut off. Not every drone has this, but is great feature to look for. In a dangerous situation, the shut off button can stop the propellers in an instant. Hopefully keeping any damage to a minimum.

Lastly, some drones have protected propellers. If yours does not, make sure to practice in a wide space free of people. It might be a good idea to have protective eyewear also. Keep in mind not everywhere is legal for drone flight. Whenever you practice, keep yourself and nearby people safe. And only operate in allowed spaces.

Now on to some suggested drones.

Suggested Drones for kids:

SNAPTAIN H823H Mini Drone:

First up is the Snaptain H823H. A great choice for kids that includes several features that help with learning and safety. This drone can automatically hold altitude to keep from falling to the ground. It has automatic manoeuvres like flips and rolls, and buttons to initiate landings or returns. All these features help make flying easier.

The propellers are protected by a cage for safety and protection. You can also control the max speed. The 3 speed settings are perfect for kids learning, or more advanced pilots who want a little more thrust. Overall, a great starter drone that is small and easy to travel with.

Spacekey FPV:

This drone is a little more robust, and includes a built-in camera. The wi-fi capability allows you to view a live image on your phone, and helps operate the drone. Lots of beginner features are included as well like orientation control, altitude holding, and easy landing.

The whole drone folds up nicely when not in use. The quality is very high considering the price point is not much more than other options. If any parts do get damaged, replacements are readily available.

Potensic Mini Drone for kids

The mini drone is best suited for flying around the home. As the name suggests, it's very small which makes it very easy for kids to take and show off to friends. It has propeller guards to ensure small fingers can't get too close. It doesn't come with a camera so is definitely suited for kids who are looking for some fun flying around obstacles at home.

In terms of flying, it's well suited to beginner kids with it's one-button-take off and landing option. It also has a heading hold mode which means that you don't have to adjust controls whether flying the drone away or towards you.


For older kids, the S5C is a good option as you get a lot of functionality for the price. It comes with a decent camera that will record video in 720p and will stream FPV to your smartphone. For beginners just getting started you're aided by altitude hold, one key landing and take off, return to home and emergency stop.

As well as the above, it offers around a 10minutes flight time and a range of up to 80m. It comes with a neat little controller which your smartphone can clip into and on amazon, it currently comes with two batteries, prop guards and spare propellers. It's a great drone to fly and well suited to kids who are looking to be a bit more adventurous than just flying around the home.

Jasonwell Hand Operated Drone

The final drone on our list is the probably the most safety conscious and easiest drone for younger kids to get started. It operates on a remote-free design. A quick toss into the air and the drone automatically begins hovering. Then, you can move it about using your hands and the sensor technology.

The drone propellers are placed inside a protective covering. This, along with the automatic flight control ensures no one will be getting hurt. This drone is a great choice for kids who want to learn about drones at an early age. But are not quite ready to operate one on their own just yet.


These days, it's not just adults who love flying drones, kids do too! Fortunaely, lots of companies have spotted this and there are now a wide range of good quality kids drones available on the market. Whilst we've listed some of them here, there are many many more so it's important to do the research and find the right one for you.

Finally, you can always checkout our full list drones, to compare different drones and find out all the key specs.