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Drone registration scheme launches in the UK

As of November 4th 2019, it has now become a requirement for drone users in the UK to sit an online test and pay an annual fee of £9 or face a fine of up to £1000. Drone users are required to register their drones and pass the required online test before they can fly.

This scheme is focussed on more 'capable' drones as it applies to those weighing 250g or more. This means small toy drones are unlikely to require registration but you'll still need to double check the weight. Once registered, you'll need to label your drone with your unique license number so that the owner can be identified on request.

It's estimated that there will be around 130,000 drone operators who will have to register their drones by the end of November. And Whilst the move is welcomed by drone pilots, it will be interesting to see what impact, if any, this has on the number of drone pilots and the type of new drones released.

Just before this scheme went live, the most popular drone manufacturer, DJI, released a new drone, Mavic Mini which weighs in at just 249g making it exempt from this scheme. No doubt we'll see a number of more 'casual' drone pilots favour this type of drone to avoid the hassle of registering for now at least.

You can find out the latest on the new drone registration scheme on the official Civil Aviation Authority website

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